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Streamline your support and secure your customers information with the WHMCS Modules
WSC Free and WSC Pro. Request access information from your customer's and hold that
data encrypted in your database. Decrypt and view left credential's directly on WHMCS
support tickets and automatically delete credential's when support tickets are closed.

WSC Pro V1.7 Now Released - Includes Multiple Language Support Test out WSC with limited functionality for free and easily upgrade to WSC Pro.


WSC, the original WHMCS support module provides your support team with a secure way to collect important and often highly-sensitive information from your customers. Create a secure area for your customers to attach information to WHMCS support tickets by configuring a credential's form in the WSC Pro settings area. You can collect any type of information with support for form fields, text areas and password fields. Any information your customers choose to share with your support team is encrypted using a unique key which is chosen by you during setup. By using the unique "credential's " tab, your support team have quick and easy access to customer information directly on the WHMCS ticket. Once your support team have resolved the customers support ticket, WSC will delete any information left.

WSC is provided in two versions. WSC Free and WSC Pro. WSC Free is designed as a demo of our software but it's perfect for Web Host's or other internet service providers that need to collect information from customers in a secure way. WSC Free has fixed-form fields asking for SSH, Control Panel, WHMCS & .htaccess information. You can choose to send users directly to the credential's form but all other features are disabled. WSC will work with any custom theme and for most themes, WSC is able to make all the required template changes on the fly as the page is rendering in your customer's browser. Should any manual edits needed we provide guides on how to add specific codes to templates.



Total security & privacy for customers

The WSC credential's form provides security and efficiency for end-users and staff. Make it yours, collect any type of information from end-users by editing the form to change the text headings, text fields and password fields. You can hide any unused sections.

  • Custom field types
  • Change all text
  • Text boxes
  • Password fields
  • Custom field headings
  • Encrypted design
  • Text areas
  • Hide unused sections
WHMCS Support Module
Unique Design


Ease of access to customer data

By clicking the "credentials" tab on any WHMCS ticket, WSC decrypts information left by users and displays it directly on the support ticket ensuring your support team has all of the information at hand. Quick and efficient.

  • Switch between tabs
  • Edit credential's
  • Import credential's
  • Delete credential's
  • Responsive design
  • Updates to log tab
  • Custom ticket status
WSC & Encryption


It's your data. You choose the key

Because every business that installs WSC chooses their own encryption key, which is used to encrypt and decrypt information attached to tickets, every copy of WSC is unique. Once WSC has encrypted information attached to tickets it cannot be viewed outside of the WHMCS admin area. If someone managed to gain access to your database, your customer's information would still be secure. Changing the encryption key in the WSC configuration area would invalidate any information already left by customers.

  • Every install of WSC is unique
  • Choose your own encryption key
Update WHMCS Support Tickets
WHMCS Ticket Updater
Post to WHMCS tickets automatically

WSC Ticket Updater

Post custom messages to support tickets

By using the WSC Pro ticket updater feature you can post custom messages to support tickets automatically. The ticket updater feature can post any custom message based on ticket department, ticket status and the length of time the ticket has been in the support queue. Imagine, your receiving a large volume of support tickets and you want to warn your customers there will be a delay. WSC can post this message to all tickets submitted to the "Support Department" that are on the "open" ticket status 1 hour after submission. WSC Pro also includes the ability to update the ticket status after the message has been posted allowing you to automatically close support tickets after a certain period of time.

  • Post custom messages to any support ticket
  • Post based on department, status and time
  • Update ticket status after message posted
  • Choose which WHMCS administrator is used to post messages
Get the right information


Having the right information reduces the time it takes to deal with support

WSC Pro attempts to ensure your support team has all the right information to deal with the customer's support ticket. You can choose to send your customer directly to the credential's form after the ticket submission and should the customer not attach information to the ticket WSC can post a credential's reminder message to the ticket asking the user to supply more information. The credential's reminder feature can post messages based on department, ticket status and the time in minutes the ticket has been open. You can also update the ticket status after the message has been posted.

  • Post based on ticket department, status and length of time open.
  • Update ticket status after message posted.
Credentials Reminder

Free WHMCS Modules, Demo WSC for free. Download WSC Free with fixed form fields and limited functionality

It's free to download, install and use WSC Free. Get your license today

WSC Pro Key Features

WSC Pro provides you with a streamlined support process enabling you to collect the information you need to deal with customer support right out of the gate. This reduces the time required to deal with support tickets, improves customer confidence and projects professionalism to your customers.

Awesome Interface

WSC Pro provides you with a secure area where customers can supply you with any type of information from passwords to login links.

Custom Form Fields

Collect any type of information from your customers from root server details to app access information to cPanel, Plesk and SolusVM access.

Automatically Collect credential's

After support ticket submission, take your customers directly to the credential's form ensuring you have all the information to deal with the ticket.

Decrypt & View

View any credential's or information left by your customers directly on the WHMCS ticket or search by ticket number to view access information.

Ticket Status Updates

Once a customer has attached credential's to the WHMCS ticket WSC can update the ticket status allowing you to easily see when credential's have been left.

Email Notifications

As well as setting the ticket status to a custom status, WSC will also email all WHMCS administrators to let you know a customer has left credential's .

Automatic Ticket Updates

Should a user not leave credential's , WSC can update the ticket reminding the user to supply credential's . The update text can be customized to your needs.

Unanswered Ticket Updates

Should a user not respond to the support ticket WSC can post an update to the customer reminding them you are waiting for a response.

Mark Ticket As Urgent

Should a customer need immediate assistance they can choose to mark the support ticket as urgent which notifies all WHMCS admins that a user needs emergency assistance.

Escalate Ticket

Should your customer be unhappy with the service they have received they can choose to escalate their ticket to a manager allowing you to deal with their complaint effectively.

Hide Unused Fields

Hide any fields or sections not used on the credential's form from the view of your customers

No Template Editing

WSC will automatically modify the WHMCS templates to accommodate all features. There is no need to edit any templates to install WSC.

Case Study


Zero Attention To Security

WHMCS Global Services (WGS) is a WHMCS module and theme developer. Once a respected name in module development. WGS offered support for their products by WHMCS tickets. They asked uses to provide access information to control panels, WHMCS admin areas and FTP logins. Customers left these details in plain text inside support tickets.


Insecure Software

In 2018, WHMCS Global Services released ClientX, a theme for WHMCS. Unfortunately, the software was built poorly with little consideration to security. WGS used their own theme on their own website. Because it was riddled with security holes, a malicious user was able to gain access to WHMCS Global Sercices WHMCS admin area.


Ruined Business

Once the hacker had access to WGS's WHMCS area they were able to look back at all the old support tickets from customers and see login information for hundreds of customers. They took this information and used it to gain access to WHMCS Globals customer's websites, often deleting information like customer databases.


Doing It Right

Because WHMCS Global services created poor quality WHMCS modules and themes and because they didn't pay any attention to customer data and how important it is to secure it they ruined their business and many of their customers. Had WGS used WSC their customer's precious data would have been removed from WHMCS preventing many ruined businesses. Don't be like WGS! Collect & Protect with WSC Pro

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