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No excuses. With free & paid licenses everyone can collect & protect customer data when using WHMCS.


These days, if you leak customer data, your business is finished. Consumers want and need to know that if they give you information, that information will be looked after. WSC collects information from customers, encrypts it and stores it in your WHMCS database.

WHMCS administrators can decrypt and view that information directly on the customer's WHMCS ticket using our unique Credentials tab. WSC helps improve the support flow and reduce ticket times by ensuring your support team has all of the information they need to deal with the customer's enquiry. WSC protects your WHMCS client accounts and keeps your customers updated by posting messages to support tickets automatically. Some of the reasons why we're rated the best WHMCS support module.

WSC implements useful features to WHMCS

collect credentials

Automatically take your customer to the credentials form on ticket submission. Show and hide the default Submit/Update Credentials buttons in the top ticket view and support sidebar.

Secure client accounts

Lock your customers WHMCS client account to their IP with WSC Protect. When the customer logs in, WSC will ask them to whitelist their IP address with a login code. The IP is stored on the customers profile.

Update support tickets

Configure WSC Ticket Updaters to post automated messages to tickets. Remind users to supply credentials, thank users for contacting you, reassign tickets to different departments. All automatically.

Automatic updates

Free and Pro license holders can ensure WSC is updated with automatic updates. When a new version of WSC is released it will be downloaded automatically. Ensuring you get the latest features and bug updates whilst saving you time and effort.


With trigger words, you can list important keywords in the WSC UI. When any of these words are typed by customers in the ticket reply box, a warning is displayed. You can control the message in the warning from the WSC language files.

Language translations

WSC is translated for all of the default WHMCS languages. If your customer is using a custom language in their WHMCS account. WSC will also use the same language. You can make changes to all language files using the provided templates.

Login Alerts

If enabled in the client's area, WSC can send login alerts to the client's registered email address. Login alerts send a notification when the customer's password is used to log in to their client area. WSC also sends failed login alerts to the client. Email templates can be customized.


If enabled, clients can flag a support ticket as urgent. This sends an email to all WHMCS administrators advising a customer needs immediate assistance. With ticket escalations, customers can escalate a ticket to a manager if they are unhappy with the service they have received.

create custom forms

Create custom forms to collect any type of information. WSC Pro license holders can edit the credentials form to change all text. Collect Plesk details, comments from customers or download links. In WSC V2.1 license holders can create credentials forms on a per department basis.

Demo The WSC UI

Feature Spotlight - WSC Trigger Warnings

WSC Trigger Warnings are a great way of reminding clients not to do something. It's a way to enforce your security policy. You configure trigger words in the WSC UI. When any of these words are typed by clients in the ticket reply box. A warning banner is displayed. If the client removes the trigger word, the warning disappears.

In our example, our trigger words are "root" and "password". Our warning reminds the client not to add any confidential information to the ticket in plain text and instead, use the WSC credentials form. The language and text in the banner can be customized in the WSC language files. Trigger warnings are includes in all WSC Pro licenses.


DID YOU KNOW? For everyone's security,
every install of WSC is unique!

With other support modules for WHMCS, they use a shared key to encrypt data or no key at all. The problem with using the same key for every user is if the module developer is hacked
and the key is exposed. Everyone who uses that WHMCS module could be at risk. If that's not bad enough. If any user who uses that WHMCS module is hacked, the key could also be exposed.
we remove this design flaw and put you in charge of your data. Upon installation, all users of WSC enter an encryption key chosen by them. That means only you have the key to your data and that's what
makes each copy of WSC unique.

Download & Use WSC For Free


WSC Free

$0  /Year

It's free to add encryption to WHMCS.

  • Fixedcredentials form
  • Viewcredentials on tickets
  • BrandingLink
  • Automatic updates
  • No support


$30 /year

The choice for serious business users. All features.

  • Customcredentials form
  • WSC Protect, Trigger Words
  • WSCUpdate, Ticket Updater
  • Automatic updates
  • Included Support

No Branding

$5 /year

Same a free version but without the WSC branding link

  • Fixedcredentials Form
  • Viewcredentials on tickets
  • Nobranding link
  • Automatic updates
  • No support

Our Policy On Support & Updates

Dev GB will provide 12 months of included support and updates with WSC-Pro license. After the 12-month period, we charge an optional fee of $9.99 per year for support and updates in addition to your license fee. This provides you will the latest features, bug fixes and compatibility changes to ensure WSC works with the latest WHMCS versions. The support and updates addon is optional. But, without it, you won't receive the latest features, fixes or any support.

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